This article will collect and list features and rules that are not supported by Memoir '44 Online yet (specifically Expert Mode). It is important to keep these in mind since there are many things that can be added to a scenario using the current version of M'44 Scenario Editor but still will not work in Memoir '44 Online. Hopefully, we'll list all unsurported elements, and that Days of Wonder will follow-up on their error reports and fix many if not all of these.

Some have asked for a list of what works, beyond the basic game, so there's a brief list of these too near the bottom.

Unsupported Elements:

There are at least 5 types of unsupported items (please note them on this page):
  1. Special rules and units from the manuals that aren't available.
    (e.g. Blowing up bridges.)
  2. Terrain and objects that do nothing or act as open countryside terrain.
    (e.g. Railroad Tracks & Roadblocks.)
  3. Items that work in some situations, but have some issues.
    (e.g. Paradrops. Don't use with impassible terrain.)
  4. Features that prevent the scenario from starting. You may get the error message: "We encountered an issue while loading the game scenario. It is possible this scenario features elements not yet available in Memoir'44 Online or in the expert mode." Please note "scenario won't start" in red, below.
  5. For games in progress, situations that crash a game! Besides noting here, please report these to DOW using the Bug Report Form!
    • Sudden Death rules: Game won't end except by the sudden death condition! Also, your map will forever be locked in the Sudden Death condition (i.e. you cannot remove it again) - the only solution is to remake the scenario by copy-pasting everything to a new document.
    • Engineers on wire after attacking need to clip wire or take ground. Otherwise scenario may freeze.

If you have a question or difference of opinion, please use format, [Q: Should the rule be...?] and highlight in dark blue. Answers and opinions should be highlighted in magenta.

The format for headings below start with the editor, under the map tab (see pic).
Individual codes are based on the reference cards (Terrain, Troops, SWAs, Nations, Actions), most of which came with the Air Pack expansion. (See Card Compendium.)
  • Terrain. Terrain cards, represented by "T- #"
  • Obstacles. Terrain cards, "T- #"
  • Units.
    • Troops cards, represented by just the card #
    • SWAs (Special Weapons Assets) cards are for units including mortars, machine guns, and anti-tank guns.
  • Marker. (Minefields have a Terrain card, Exits have an Actions cards, others have no card).
  • Nations. Nations cards (currently #1 - #6).
  • Rules.
    • Actions cards where rules work somewhat.
    • Rules without a reference card, e.g. "Air Superiority".
  • Actions. Rules for these Action cards are not supported at all.


(Vegetation, Elevation, Town & Village, Landmark, Man-made, Water, Road, Air Field, Rail.)
  • T-1. Beaches. Added Beach hexes (from Pacific Theater) count as countryside for Cliffs & Sea Bluffs.
  • T-7. Oceans & Coastlines.
    • Unit on Oceans & Coastlines should not be able to Ambush.
    • British units on Oceans & Coastlines should not Battle Back (Stiff Upper Lip).
  • T-8. Rivers.
    • If a unit starts on a normal River (not fordable nor frozen) then it cannot move off. This can happen by Paradrop (see Rules below) or if someone wanted to simulate units with Collapsable Rafts and Boats (A-5).
  • T-11. Cliffs & Sea Bluffs.
    • Should cost 2 to move from hills to beach.
    • Rules don't apply for added beach hexes (from Pacific Theater).
  • T-18. Cemeteries. Unit should be able to ignore 1 flag.
  • T-19. Winter Churches. Scenario won't start.
  • T-20. Dams. Should be impassible to armor.
  • T-24. Fortresses.
    • Armor and Artillery starting in Fortress can retreat. Should work like artillery in bunkers.
    • Armor starting in Fortress should not be able to leave via Armor Overrun.
  • T-26. Lakes. Line of sight across 2 Lake hexes should block line of sight as per the rules.
  • T-28. Marshes & Winter Marshes. Act as countryside. Use Rice Paddies to gain desired effect.
  • T-30. Mountains. Act as countryside: should have defense bonus and elevation, should have movement restriction, should block line of sight.
    Note: You can make mountains to be "impassible hills", like Escarpments (see Expert Tab). In addition you can make them block artillery shots. "Impassible hills" should block all line of sight even for Plateau Effect of hills, but they don't.
  • T-34. Power Plants. Act as countryside: should have defense bonus, should make units stop, should block line of sight.
  • T-35. Prison Camps (from Terrain Pack). Should ignore flag.
    Note: Terrain 58. Labor Camps (from Pacific Theater) do not ignore flags. They use the same tile and are supported.
  • T-36. Radar Stations. Act as countryside: should have defense bonus, should make units stop, should block line of sight.
  • T-38. Railroad Tracks.
    • Act as countryside: armor should have to stop on the tracks.
    • Winter Railroad Tracks. Scenario won't start.
  • T-41. Fordable Rivers. Unsupported. This rule differs from Fordable Streams as follows: units should stop and move no further on the turn, attack out at -1.
  • T-42. Roads.
    • Roads on Hills. No elevation. No defense bonus. Doesn't block line of sight. Use either roads or hills instead.
    • Winter Roads. Scenario won't start.
  • T-43. Supply Depots. Act as countryside: should block line of sight.
  • T-44. Gullies. Scenario won't start.
  • T-44. Wadis.
    • Armor unit attacking out the side of a Wadi/Gully should not be penalized -1.
    • Armor unit attacking out the side of a Wadi/Gully should not be able to Armor Overrun.
    • Armor unit attacking inside a Wadi/Gully vs infantry should not be penalized -2.
    • Artillery should be able to attack an infantry in the Wadi/Gully even if not adjacent (though at -1).
    • Artillery in Wadi cannot attack out (unless target adjacent?)
  • T-47. Frozen River Forks. Scenario won't start (Forks only).
    Near Frozen Rivers, move 1 space at a time. The automatic mover does not recognize that your unit should avoid Frozen River, if possible.
  • T-48. Hills with Forests. Act as Forests. No elevation, so adjacent hills block line of sight (no Plateau Effect), and -1 to attack hills.
  • T-49. Hills with Villages. Act as Villages. No elevation, so adjacent hills block line of sight (no Plateau Effect), and -1 to attack hills.
  • T-51. Trenches.
    • British Armor should not Battle Back (Stiff Upper Lip) in Trenches.
    • Armor in Trenches should not be able to Ambush.
  • T-52. Caves on Hills. Error allows Allied infantry to roll 2x to attempt to seal caves (i.e. to change to hill hex). One of which automatically succeeds.
  • T-53. Caves on Mountains. Mountains don't work (see above). Sealed Caves do turn tile to mountains.
  • T-54. Fish Ponds. Not in Editor. Should be same as Rice Paddies, except Infantry either entering or leaving cannot battle.
  • T-57. Jungles. French Resistance should not be able to attack after moving 2 into Jungle from Infantry Assault.
  • T-59. Piers. Units should not enter from ocean hex.
  • T-61. Fordable Streams. Rivers can be made into Fordable Streams
    • River headwaters, river junctions, river forks, river mouths, lakes with a river and frozen rivers cannot be made Fordable.
    • Dig - In should not allow sandbags to be placed in water.
    • Bridges over Fordable Streams don't work. Leave that hex as a normal river.
    • Behind Enemy Lines (BEL) has problem? Correction: could not confirm or repeat problem.
  • T-63. Escarpments. These should block line of sight even between hills, but the Plateau Effect is still active.
  • T-67. Castles.
    • Not in editor.
    • Winter Castles. Scenario won't start.


(Bunker, Bridge, Block, Transport, 3D Object.)
  • T-2. Bunkers.
    • Armor that starts in bunkers should not be able to leave (like artillery).
    • Empty bunkers on hills do not block line of sight (for hill-to-hill battle).
    • Empty bunkers cannot be set for one side. A bunker belongs to the side that has a unit it in at the beginning of a game. So if you want a bunker to belong to the Allies, make sure you place an Allies unit on it. Bunkers that don't have any units on them will be usable for protection by both sides during the game.
      Question to DoW team: is it possible to add an ability to set owner for bunkers in a same manner it is done for mines? In this case it will be more transparent action to set owners rather than putting a unit in it. Also it will give more flexibility as in some scenarios bunkers are not occupied by native defenders at the scenario start (an example is the new scenario from Campaign Book Vol.2 where Japanese bunker is not occupied by defenders at the start of the game).
      Answer from DoW team: no, it's not possible, because the data model of the game does not support it yet.
  • T-9. Bridge.
    • Bridges don't let units ignore underlying terrain rules (Fordable Stream: must stop; Trenches/Winter Trenches: must stop, armor can't attack; Ravines: ignore flag; Wadis: adjacent attacks only). Make the hex a normal river under the bridge.
    • Bridges also follow rules for Sandbags (-1 & ignore flag), Hedgehogs (ignore flag, impassible to armor) or Wire (must stop, -1 to shoot out). But if you put one in the hex, you probably WANT them to affect units ON the bridge!
    • Broken Bridge. It works like a normal bridge!
    • Winter Bridge. Scenario won't start.
  • T-15. Wire.
    • Engineers must clip wire after battle or game may freeze. Engineer player can leave and come back to continue, but this won't work with Johnny.
    • Artillery on wire should get -1 to its attacks.
  • T-22. Field Bunkers (incl. Winter & Desert Field Bunkers).
    • Armor that starts in Field Bunkers should not be able to leave (like artillery).
    • Empty Field Bunkers on hills do not block line of sight (for hill-to-hill battles).
  • T-33. Pontoon Bridges. Don't work over normal river.
    • Winter Pontoon Bridges. Scenario won't start.
  • T-37. Railroad Bridges. Don't work over normal river.
    • [Q: should units be enforced to enter it from a railroad track?] Correction: The rules do not specify that units must enter a Railroad Bridge from the tracks unless it is a train. This is not a mistake in the game.
    • Winter Railroad Bridges. Scenario won't start.
  • T-40. Roadblocks. Should stop infantry and be impassible to armor/artillery. Should give defense, ignore flag.
    • Winter Roadblocks. Scenario won't start.
  • T-41. Fords. Don't work over normal river.
  • T-46. Dragon's Teeth. Should stop infantry and be impassable by armor.
  • T-62. Rope Bridges. Don't work over normal river.
  • T-66. Abatis. Won't stop armor; infantry attacks out normally.


  • #1: Standard Units.
    • British Armor - normal move is 0-2 (should be 0-3).
    • Artillery - if you increase starting artillery figures above 2, the scenario won't start. It freezes in a scrambled screen.
    • Artillery - should get -1 to attack if on wire.
  • #2: Specialized Units.
    • Japanese Special Forces - always perform as normal Japanese Imperial Army units (i.e. they cannot move 2 and shoot unless moving into Close Assault).
  • #3: Big Guns - no bonus to range, no target markers on hits.
  • #4: Combat Engineers.
    • Japanese Engineers do not get any Imperial Japanese Army bonuses: (to ignore flag or flags, +1 battle dice at full strength in Close Assault, move 2 into Close Assault and battle). [Q: Should they?] Yes.
    • Italian Engineers don't get Italian Army retreat rules.
    • Warning! Engineers on wire: you must click on the hex after battle (or Take Ground). If you don't, scenario may freeze. You may be able to continue by leaving and coming back, but this doesn't work in solo games (vs. Johnny).
    • Update: Engineers won't clear mines instead of battling if they start on a minefield. Rule states, "In minefield, must clear the mines, instead of battling." This means that (until fixed) Engineers can't clear mines on Towns & Villages, Forests & Palm Forests and other terrain where they cannot move in and battle the same turn.
    • Engineers unit that moves 1 onto a previously revealed "0" minefield removes the 0 but should be able to shoot.
    • Engineers should not be able to clear minefield after Taking Ground.
    • Engineers won't clear minefield instead of battle with Behind Enemy Lines.
  • #5-7: Trains - cannot be selected or ordered.
  • #8: Cavalry, Soviet - badge exists and shows Online. Counts as normal infantry.
  • #9: Ski Troops - should not be able to move 4 with Infantry Assault.
  • #10: Snipers
    • Snipers can't move 2 onto Jungle and shoot. Update: This is the rule. French Resistance is the one breaking it (see below).
    • Snipers don't benefit from Nation Rules. So British Snipers should not Battle Back (Stiff Upper Lip/ Commonwealth).
    • Snipers should not be able to Ambush a tank.
  • #11: Aircraft Carriers - cannot be selected, ordered or targetted.
  • #12: Destroyers - cannot be selected or ordered.
  • #15: Landing Crafts - cannot be selected or ordered.
  • #16: Tiger Tanks, German - not available.
  • #17: Supply Trucks - Scenario won't start.
  • #18: Half-Tracks - badge exists, but doesn't show Online. Counts as normal armor.
  • #19: Long-Range Patrol Cars - [Q: Not in editor?] It is, you add the patrol car (PC) badge to a truck. Scenario won't start.
  • #21: Brandenburgers - badge exists and shows. But special ability to throw off hit doesn't work.
  • #22: Depleted Units - badge exists and shows.
    • Should not provide medal to opponent (like Snipers).
    • Should not give you Medal for exiting.
    • Japanese depleted infantry units should not get +1 in close assault (because they are less than 4 figures).
  • #23: Heavy Anti-Tank Guns - (artillery as 88s) badge exists, but doesn't show Online. Counts as normal artillery.
  • #24: Tank Destroyers - badge exists, but doesn't show Online. Counts as normal armor.
  • SWAs 2. Anti-Tank Gun.
    • Japanese w/Anti-tank badge does not receive Japanese Infantry Rules.
    • Rule: either move or shoot, except Behing Enemy Lines can do both- this is normal.
  • SWAs 3: Early War Mortar - badge exists and shows. Counts as normal infantry.
  • SWAs 5: Late War Anti-Tank Gun - no option to differentiate from Early War Anti-Tank Gun (SWAs 2) .
  • SWAs 6: Late War Mortar - badge exists and shows. Counts as normal infantry.
  • SWAs 7: Late War Machine Gun - badge doesn't show. Counts as normal infantry.
  • Yugoslav Partisans. Correction: they don't work like French Resistance, but can be set on elite troops, to move 2 and attack.
  • Jungle Fighters. Scenario won't start.
  • Plane. Scenario won't start.


(Medal, Token.)
  • Medals. Two medals in one space don't show at the same time, unless one of them is the blue-field "Allies Medal."
    • Sudden Death Medal: Game won't end except by Sudden Death and file will be corrupted. (see Saverne Gap).
    • Can't set a Majority/plurality Medal (see Red Barricades Factory).
    • Can't set one medal for two hexes (see Breakout at Klin).
    • Can't set a Start-of-Turn Medal (see Battle in the Schnee Eifel).
    • Can't set a Required Medal site (see The Quarry of Cleury).
    • Can't set a Last-to-Occupy Medal (see Platanias).
    • Can't set an Uncontested Medal site (see Operation Market Garden).
    • Can't set a Sole Control Medal area (see Firefight in Neffe).
    • Can't set a Permanent Medal to be an End-of-Turn Medal. (In case of passing-through, Take Ground, Armor Overrun or a retreat from Battle Back or Ambush you shouldn't get the medal).
    • Can't set a Temporary Medal to be an End-of-Turn Medal. (In case your opponent wins on your turn from Ambush, Battle Back, Minefields or Frozen River you shouldn't get the medal).
    • Paradrop onto Medal site doesn't give the player the medal.
  • Minefields.
    A minefield on the same hex as a medal will not be revealed. (It will still roll damage.)
    Engineers have some problems with minefields.
    • Update: Engineers won't clear mines instead of battling if they start on a minefield. Rule states, "In minefield, must clear the mines, instead of battling." This means that (until fixed) Engineers can't clear mines on Towns & Villages, Forests & Palm Forests and other terrain where they cannot move in and battle the same turn.
    • Engineers unit that moves 1 onto a previously revealed "0" minefield removes the 0 but should be able to shoot.
    • Engineers should not be able to clear mines after Taking Ground.
    Several expansion packs came with a set of minefields. If you select a pack in the dropdown, it will Mine_Pack.pngmake the game choose these values, as if drawing from a set of tokens. If you have more minefields than the pack contained, the scenario won't start. For example, in order to have 12 minefields, you would have to leave the dropdown in the default value of "No Mines".
    • No Mines (no limit): random 0-3
    • Terrain (limit 10): 0,0,0,1,1,2,2,3,3,4
    • Pacific (limit 5): 0,1,1,2,4. Correct.
    • Eastern (limit 5): 0,1,2,2,4. Note - Eastern Mines will load, as long as you don't have more than 5.
    • Med (limit 8): 0,0,0,1,2,2,3,4.
  • Winter Minefields (5): 0,0,0,1,2. Winter Wars Minefields are not supported.
  • Battle Stars: they stick to terrain, not units. In the Hexagon Panel, there are options like for Medals.
    [Q: Has anyone used Battle Stars?]
  • Camouflage Tokens (incl. winter). The scenario won't start.
  • Ready-to-Takeoff Markers can't be ordered, targetted or captured and don't block line of sight.


The Reference Card Compendium shows cards for 6 Nations and their rules. Below are brief instructions on how to add them in the editor and any problems.
  • #1 French Resistance. Add French Resistance badges on Allied units in Map Tab.
    • Should not be able to battle after (Oasis/Hospital) Recovery.
    • Should not be able to use Infantry Assault to move 2 onto jungle and shoot.
  • #2 Red Army. Choose "Russian Commissar" in Expert Tab.
  • #3 Imperial Japanese Army. Japanese infantry units automatically have the Japanese Army rules (exceptions below).
    • Depleted units (with or without badge) should not be allowed +1 die in Close Assault when starting figure count is 1-3.
    • Imperial Japanese Command Rules are not being applied to badged units: Snipers (correct), Combat Engineers and Anti-Tank Infantry.
  • #4 US Marine Corps. Choose "Gung Ho" in Expert Tab.
    • When used with Hill 317 Rule (Allied Air Strike), Recon will not let you order 2 units.
  • #5 British Commonwealth Forces. British units use Commonwealth Rules ("Stiff Upper Lip" / Battle Back) by default.
    • British Armor should be able to move 3.
    • British Commonwealth Rules ("Stiff Upper Lip" / Battle Back) should not occur in Oceans, Shorelines, Armor in Trenches, or for Snipers.
    • British Commonwealth Rules ("Stiff Upper Lip" / Battle Back) die roll occurs off-screen after you "ignore first flag" and don't retreat.
    • If an infantry ordered by Behind Enemy Lines is forced to retreat due to the Battle Back die roll, it still should get its second movement.
  • #6 Italian Royal Army.
    • Italian Army Rules don't work in Expert Mode.

On the Battle Info Tab, you can choose the Axis and Allies Nations via dropdowns. They don't seem to do anything or appear anywhere else: not in the Online game, or the web page for printout.
  • France - Free Forces. The scenario won't start.
  • France - French Resistance. The scenario won't start.
  • US Marine Corps. The scenario won't start.
  • France - Vichy Army.The scenario won't start.


  • Terrain 23. Flooded Fields. Countryside hexes should act as Marshes/Rice Paddies, except they're passable to artillery & unit moving in must start adjacent. Not supported.
  • Terrain 33. Pontoon Bridges. Option to build a Pontoon Bridge over River when playing an Attack card instead of ordering units. Not supported.
  • Actions 3. Air Strikes & Blitz (incl. Actions 15. Blitz). Recon as Air Power.
    • Air Strikes with Night Attacks. You should not be able to launch an Air Strike while light < 6.
    • Air Strikes (Hill 317 Rules) with US Marine Corps (Gung Ho). Allies can't use a Recon to order 2 units.
    • Recon as Air Power. Player should not be able to order units unless there's at least 1 unit in the Recon's section.
  • Actions 10 & 18. (Oasis & Hospital Recovery). Recovery Rules work but with some issues:
    • Currently it only allows you to do one Recovery per turn, even if you have wounded on 2 sites.
    • French Resistance is allowed to battle after Recovery.
    • It sometimes asks you if you want to Recover when the unit is at full strength. Choose "Yes" - unit loses turn.
    • Johnny can get unit stuck on Recovery site, when it's at full strength and he wants it to Combat.
  • Actions 20. Paradrop (a.k.a. Air Drop).
    • Not compatible with impassible terrain. Unit landing in a river, for instance, should be lost before the first turn, but was part of the game and stuck in river until flag was rolled.
    • Paradrop onto a medal site doesn't give you the medal; unit would have to leave and come back.
  • Sudden Death rules: Game won't end except by the sudden death condition!
    Also, your map will forever be locked in the Sudden Death condition (i.e. you cannot remove it again) - the only solution is to remake the scenario by copy-pasting everything to a new document.
  • Air Superiority. Air Power: 2d for Axis, 1d for Allies. See Crete scenarios, e.g. Airdrop over Rethymno . Not supported.
  • "Yellow Beach" hills rules: units cannot pass between hills and beach, but can between hills and countryside. Not supported.
  • French Air Force Rule (for lack of a name): Allies must discard Air Power and draw again. Not supported. See Counter-attack of the BEF.


The following actions are not supported Online at all:
  • A-1. Reinforcements. Rule would allow an infantry unit to land on an Airfield for 1 order from Direct from HQ. See Defense of Meiktila.
  • A-2. Blowing up Bridges. See Relief of Peiper.
  • A-4. Forward Spotting. Rule would allow occupying a hex to use artillery units like Big Guns. See classified scenario, Singapore
  • A-5. Collapsible Rafts and Boats. Rule would allow only specific infantry to cross Rivers one time. See Nijmegen Bridges.
  • A-6. Sabotage. Rule would allow a landmark (Dam, Factory, etc....) to be demolished by rolling each turn for a # of stars. See Schwammenauel Dam.
  • A-7. Freeing Prisoners. Rule would allow a unit capturing a Fortress, Prison Camp, etc... to pick up prisoners represented by a Battle Star.
    See classified scenario, The Rescue of Mussolini
  • A-8. Heroic Leader. Rule would allow a leader (Battle Star) to let its infantry battle at +1d and ignore one flag.
    See classified scenario, Pavlov, Hero of the Soviet Union
  • A-11. Radar Alert. Rule would force one side to play Air Power (or Recon = Air Strike) card face up at the end of the turn, so opponent knows it will be his next play. See Classified version of Gold Beach.
  • A-12. Capture equipment. Unit moves onto hex with Battle Star which attaches to unit, until unit is destroyed.
  • A-13. Supply Train/Reinforcements. When train reaches a station, units on board may disembark. See Bug River.
  • A-14. Destroy Supplies. When Supply Depot is sabotaged, reduces all enemy Armor units by 1 hex. See classified scenario, Ivanovskoye Bridgehead
  • A-16. Camouflage. Rule would allow camouflaged units to only be targeted in a Close Assault, until they move or battle. See Counter-attack at Holtzwihr.
  • A-21. Smoke Screen. See Audie Murphy campaign scenarios, including The San Fratello Line.
  • A-22. Armor Breakthrough. Rule would allow armor reinforcements to enter from opponent's baseline. See Sea of Azov.
  • A-24. Re-Supply. Rule would allow half-tracks or supply trucks to restore figures to a unit, trading at 1-1. See Le-Mesnil-Adelée or Hedgerow Hell.
  • A-25. Combat Cards. Winter Wars and Stalingrad expansions came with cards that can be played in addtion to Command Cards.
    See The Hell of Grussenheimand Hôtel Meurice respectively.
  • A-26. Winter Weather. Armor and vehicles normal move is 0-2. Both sides roll 1 die for Air Power. Winter Wars scenarios only?
  • A-27. Reduced Visibility. Unit symbols (armor, infantry) only score hits in Close Assault. Doesn't affect Barrage. Winter Wars scenarios, or see "Heavy Fog" in classified scenario, Noville to Foy.


  • There seems to be a chance for file corruption. When it happens your scenario won't end. Until the cause is determined, you should uncheck the troubled scenario. You can start a new file, building it again from the blank board. Deleting the old file is NOT recommended if others have played it successfully, since this may remove it from their records including the replay function. Please report such errors to DOW.

The Artificial Intelligence

  • Johnny/Hermann does not yet understand that Air Power and Barrage should not be played when it is not full daylight (Night Attack Rules). He will give an error message: "Could not activate field...." The scenario remains playable.
  • Johnny/Hermann sometimes has trouble moving full-strength units on Hospitals and Oases when recovery rules are in effect.
  • Johnny/Hermann message, "Sorry, I was not allowed to do what I wanted, so I do nothing." Defense or trouble with scenario?
  • Auto Move may not avoid Frozen Rivers when you click a space near the river that's 2 or 3 away from your unit.
    Move 1 space at a time.

Boards, Decks and Cards

  • Air Power card can be replaced by a 2nd Artillery Bombard card. This is now supported, see Expert Tab.
  • Ambush. Should not be able to play it when your unit can't battle: Snipers versus tanks. Trenches and Oceans have been corrected.
  • Dig - In should not allow sandbags to be placed in water (fordable streams). It correctly prevents you from Digging-in on a Frozen River.
  • Behind Enemy Lines (BEL)- won't let or make engineers clear a minefield instead of battling. A retreat from the British Commonwealth Forces (Battle Back) die roll should not prevent the second movement of BEL.
The following boards and decks are NOT supported in the Online game:
  • Breakthrough Boards. Scenario won't start.
  • Overlord Boards. Scenario won't start.
  • Breakthrough Deck
  • Overlord Deck (a.k.a. Double-Deck)
  • Winter Combat Deck
  • Urban Combat Deck
  • Other card substitutions (e.g. Air Power is played as Barrage). See The Capture of Biesheim.
  • One side discards (Air Power, Barrage, etc.) and draws again.
  • Card is removed from deck. See Deir el Shein - Act 1; misprint "Air Strike" card should be "Air Power" card.

Supported Elements

Here are some Terrain not in the basic boardgame box, but are largely supported by the Online game:
  • Terrain 16. Airfields. (Same as Countryside.)
  • Terrain 17. Barracks. (Same as Towns & Villages.)
  • Terrain 19. Churches. (Ignore first flag.)
  • Terrain 21. Factory Complexes. (Same as Towns & Villages.)
  • Terrain 24. Fortress. (Infantry can move in and attack; impassible to armor and artillery; defense works, incl. ignore all flags - did for 3 flags. Unsupported for artillery or armor starting in Fortresses.)
  • Terrain 25. High Ground. (Same as Countryside.)
  • Terrain 27. Lighthouses. (Same as Towns & Villages.)
  • Terrain 31. Oasis.
  • Terrain 32. Palm Forests. (Same as Forests)
  • Terrain 42. Roads and Desert Roads. (Unsupported for Roads on Hills and Winter Roads.)
  • Terrain 45. City Ruins.
  • Terrain 47. Frozen River. (Roll 2 dice for unit entering - stars hit. Unsupported for Frozen River Forks.)
  • Terrain 50. Ravines.
  • Terrain 58. Labor Camps. (From Pacific Theater. Same as Towns & Villages.)
    Note: Terrain 35. Prison Camps. (From Terrain Pack) has same picture but ignore flag is not supported.

Here are some units (Troops) not in the basic game, but are supported Online. Follow the Map Tab link for instructions.
  • Troops 13. Flame Thrower Tanks. (Maximum defense -1 in Close Assault.)
  • Troops 14. Mobile Artillery. (Move 0-1 and battle or 2 and no battle.) FAQ Supplement: Mobile Artillery does not get to move AND shoot with Artillery Bombard.

The new (Jan.2012) editor allows Special Rules to work. Follow the Expert Tab link for instructions to use the following:
  • Actions 3. Air Strikes & Blitz (see issues above).
  • Actions 9. North African Desert Rules.
  • Actions 10. Oasis Recovery (see issues above).
  • Actions 15. Blitz Rules (see issues above).
  • Actions 17. Capture HQ/Supply Tent.
  • Actions 18. Hospital Recovery (see issues above).
  • Actions 19. Night Attacks a.k.a. Night Visibility (see issues above).
  • Actions 20. Paradrop (see issues above).
  • Actions 23. Exit Markers. Now works for just one side.

  • Terrain 12. Sea Wall.
  • Terrain 13. Steep Hills. (cost 2 for movement up).
  • Terrain 29. Minefields. Now works for just one side (see limits above). Decoy Minefields supported.
  • Terrain 56. HQ and Supply Tents. Automatically uses Capture HQ Rules (Actions 17, above).
  • Terrain 61. Fordable Streams.

  • Deck change. Air Power plays as Artillery Bombard (2 Artillery Bombards in deck).
  • 2-medal tanks. See Mont Mouchet. Correction: this works. See Expert Tab.

Winter Elements

The editor was updated in 2011 to include items from Winter Wars for players to make scenarios for face-to-face games. Any Online game updates in the second half of 2011 did not include elements from this expansion pack. So these items prevent the game from even starting, giving the error message (see above). It may be a duplication of effort to list winter elements that work and don't work, but this may help scenario-creators. Note: terrain names are what they are in the editor (instead of reference cards).

Board Background: Winter OK.
Supported Winter Terrain:
  • #3-- Winter Forests: OK.
  • #6-- Winter Hills: OK.
  • #14- Winter Villages: OK.
  • #16- Winter Airfields: OK. Act as Countryside.
  • #21- Winter Factory Complex: OK.
  • #22- Winter Field Bunkers: OK (See Field Bunker issues above).
  • #45- City Ruins: OK.
  • #47- Frozen Rivers: (A.I. sometimes makes you cross a Frozen River when you don't need to; move 1 hex at a time near them.)
    • Straight OK,
    • Curve OK,
    • Fork-Right Scenario won't start.
  • #50- Ravines: OK.
  • #51- Winter Trenches: OK.
Unsupported Winter Terrain:
  • #9-- Winter Bridges: Scenario won't start.
  • #19- Winter Churches: Scenario won't start.
  • #28- Winter Marshes: Not supported. Act as Countryside.
  • #33- Winter Pontoon Bridges: Scenario won't start.
  • #37- Winter Railroad Bridges: Scenario won't start.
  • #38- Winter Railroad Tracks: Scenario won't start.
  • #40- Winter Road Blocks. Scenario won't start.
  • #42- Winter Roads. Scenario won't start.
  • #46- Dragon's Teeth. Not supported. Act as Countryside.
  • #48- Winter Forests on Hill. Act as Forests. No elevation.
  • #49- Winter Villages on Hill. Act as Villages. No elevation.
  • #67- Winter Castle: Scenario won't start.
Winter Camouflage Token: Scenario won't start.
Winter Wars Minefields: Not supported.
#9- Ski Troops: Should not be able to move 4 with Infantry Assault.
Winter Wars Rules not supported: Winter Combat Cards, Reduced Visibility, Winter Weather.